Arkansas Engineers United

Everyone that enters the department comes from different walks of life which, in turn, creates a diverse student body capable of solving many problems.  As a department, we recognize that these varying backgrounds creates an environment where it is important to learn about others and communicate with each other to understand and respect differences.  As a department, we are committed to upholding academic standards while providing an environment that includes all students regardless of ethnicity, race, culture, gender, or religious beliefs.  We have several different programs designed for helping faculty (i.e., training in diversity through the office of international affairs) and students (ie, the Engineering Career Awareness Program).  Despite these efforts we realize that more needs to be done in order for the Ralph E. Martin Department of Chemical Engineering to build a culture that gives everyone admitted to the department an equal opportunity to succeed.  Therefore, the purpose of AEU is to give students and faculty the ability to design programs for recruiting, retaining, and helping to develop all students with a special emphasis on students who are minorities in our department because of their ethnicity, gender, or religion. 
This program provides funds for undergraduates, graduates, or faculty to create programs for recruiting, retaining, or helping to develop student skills in both the undergraduate and graduate level.  Funding is provided (from $50 to $500/per proposal) in ideas from our talented students and faculty that further the purpose of the AEU program.  Types of activities include but are not limited to food for an outing designed to promote racial inclusion, travel to a campus to recruit traditionally underrepresented groups, a tutoring session for students coming from different backgrounds, a workshop or culture event designed to help all students learn about a particular religion or culture, etc.    We would like to encourage your creativity in helping us to create the highest quality, most diverse student population in the country. 
How to Apply
Applications will be collected 3 times a year (September 15, December 15, and March 15).  There will be a box in the CHEG office where you can submit your “idea”.  This idea can be 7 sentences, WHAT you want to do, WHY you want to do it, WHO it serves, WHEN you plan to do it, WHERE you want to do it, HOW you want to do it, and HOW MUCH you expect it to cost.  We will then contact you back with some questions about the idea.  There are no bad ideas, please SUBMIT!
Proposal will be evaluated initially by the department diversity committee.  Evaluations will be made quickly.   
In fiscal year 2017-2018, up to $3,750 in funding is available, with equal amounts in the three evaluation periods.  Amount will be adjusted in future years depending on the success and interest in the program.