Solutions to Environmental Problems

Principal Investigator: Dr. Greg Thoma

Dr. Thoma is currently lead investigator for a number of life cycle initiatives in the food and agriculture sector including studies on fluid milk, cheese, milk delivery systems, and is project director for a 5-year, $5M USDA multi-university project focused on greenhouse gas mitigation for US swine production. Dr. Thoma also consults on other LCA work at the University of Arkansas focusing on rice, cotton, corn, and sweet corn.  Recently he became the scientific lead for the UNFAO Partnership on the Environmental Benchmarking of Livestock Supply Chains technical advisory group for poultry which is working to create guidance in the application of LCA for assessment of sustainable poultry and egg production. He is currently serving on the steering committee for the Swiss National Science Foundation’s National Research Program titled, “Healthy Nutrition and Sustainable Food Production” that has the goal of promoting healthy nutrition through a safe, high quality food supply, available in sufficient quantity at affordable prices, while minimizing environmental impacts and fostering efficient resource utilization.





Materials Research on Nanocatalysts

Principal Investigator: Dr. Lauren Greenlee

We investigate engineering solutions to challenges in agriculture related to nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient cycles. We currently are developing catalyst materials for the electrochemical reduction of nitrogen to ammonia and are interested in improving water treatment and nutrient recycling through electrochemistry.
Graduate Students:

Mojtaba Albolhassani

Ph.D. Student

Shelby Foster

MS Student

Prachant Acharya

MS Student

Sergio Ivan Perez Bakovic

Ph.D. Student