Seminar Schedule

This semester seminars will be held in-person  on Thursdays from 11-12:15 pm (unless otherwise noted). All seminars take place in BELL 2291.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Dr. Karthik Nayani

Speakers will meet with graduate students immediately following the seminar. 

Fall 2023





August 24 Arkansas Chemical Engineering Graduate Students (AChEGS) University of Arkansas AChEGS Fall 2023 Welcome
August 31 Marina Tsianou University of Buffalo PFAS Association with Functional Polymers for Environmental Separations
September 7 Laura Moix & Sarah Goforth University of Arkansas, Graduate Entrpreneurial Fellows Take Your Idea from the Napkin and Out Into the World: Entrepreneurial Avenues for Graduate Students
September 14 Julie Renner Case Western Reserve University The Emerging Role of Peptides in Nutrient Recycling and Recovery
September 21 Jorge Almodovar University of Arkansas Graduate Program Updates
September 28 Patrice Storey University of Arkansas  
October 5 AChEGS Luncheon University of Arkansas Fall luncheon to welcome new members
October 12 Harold Wickes Hatch National Institute of Standards and Technology

Multiscale Modeling of Monoclonal Antibodies in High Concentration Formulations

October 19 Bhuvnesh Bharti Louisiana State University

Non-equilibrium phenomena in colloids: From external field-driven assembly to fate of microplastics in the environment

October 26 Ryan Lively Georgia Institute of Technology

Membrane technologies are key enablers of the energy transition

November 16

Student Stories

University of Arkansas

Student Stories is a seminar event where graduate students share behind-the-scenes stories of their work to get published