Seminar Schedule

This semester seminars will be held in-person  on Thursdays from 11-12:15 pm (unless otherwise noted). All seminars take place in BELL 1108E.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Dr. Karthik Nayani

Speakers will meet with graduate students immediately following the seminar. 

Spring 2023





January 26

Arkansas Chemical Engineering Graduate Students (AChEGS)

University of Arkansas

AChEGS Spring 2023 Welcome

February 9

Dani Brasino

Oregon Health and Science University – CEDAR Center

A New, Organ-on-Chip Platform to Study the Relationship Between Gut Microbiota and Distal Tumors

February 16

Catherine Majors

Northwestern University

What You Don’t Know Can Kill You: Improving Health Outcomes with Innovative Diagnostic Technologies

February 23

Gang Fan

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bio-Inspired Catalysis: From Macromolecule Synthesis to Energy-Relevant Transformations

March 2

Maria Carreon

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Nitrogen Fixation: Unveiling the cold plasma-based route

March 9

Lingping Kong

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Advancements in Electrochemical Energy Storage: Thin & Robust, Fast & Durable

March 30

Nikki Reinemann

University of Mississippi

Deciphering the Emergent Cytoskeletal Mechanome

April 6

Rong Yang

Cornell University 

Facile Synthesis of Polymer Particles and Thin Films via Chemical Vapor Deposition Techniques

April 13

Jay McAllister

University of Arkansas

Basics of Library Research and Resources


Fall 2022





August 25

Ed Clausen

University of Arkansas


September 1

Jorge Almodovar

University of Arkansas

Graduate Student Orientation

September 8

Greg Nesmith


Inherently Safe Design

September 15


University of Arkansas

ACHEGS Welcome

September 22, 9:00am

Greg Peters

Chalmers University of Technology 

Some Progress in Quantitative Sustainability Assessment

September 29

Jerry Havens

University of Arkansas

The SEFOR Super-Prompt-Critical Transient Experiments

October 6

Samanvaya Srivastava


Polyelectrolyte Complex Scaffoldings for Wet Adhesives and 3D Bioprinting Inks

October 13

Patrice Storey

University of Arkansas

JEDI: The Science of Implicit Bias

October 20

Chris Lyle


Making a Difference in Biotech in Northwest Arkansas

October 27

Paul Gathright

Ascend Performance Materials

Keeping the Tiger in the Cage

November 3

Lei Guo

University of Arkansas

Innovative Materials for Water Treatment

November 11 (Friday), GEAR 102

Anil Pabby

Visiting Professor

Hollow Fiber Membrane Contractor Technology in Chemical and Nuclear Industry: Current Overview

 (Note: this seminar takes place on Friday, 11/11.)

December 1,  CHEG Lounge

Multiple Students 

University of Arkansas

Student Stories is a seminar event where graduate students share behind-the-scenes strories of their work to get published.

December 8

Richard Beger

National Center for Toxicological Research

Using Spectrometric Data-Activity Relationship (SDAR) Modeling and Systems Biology Omics Technologies to Discover Mechanisms and Biomarkers of Chemical Toxicity and Addiction