Seminar Schedule

This semester seminar will be held virtually on Thursdays 11:00 am - 12:00 pm. 
If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Dr. David Ford





Thursday, January 14

Dr. Tammy Lutz-Rechtin

University of Arkansas

Safety – Updates and special topics 

Thursday, January 21

ACHEGS Welcome

University of Arkansas


Thursday, January 28

 Dr. Mary Laura Lind

Arizona State University

"Advanced Membrane Materials for Pervaporation Separations"  - View bio & abstract

Thursday, February 4

 Dr. Esteban Urena-Benavides 

University of Texas at San Antonio

"Cellulose Nanocrystal (CNC) Stabilized Pickering Emulsions"  - View bio & abstract

Thursday, February 11

 Dr. Andrew Livingston

Queen Mary University of London

"Molecular Separations from Complex Mixtures the Selectivity Challenge"  - View bio & abstract.

Thursday, February 18

 Dr. Bart Van der Bruggen 

KU Leuven, Belgium

"Selective separation of lithium by ion exchange membranes"  - View bio & abstract

Thursday, February 25




Thursday, March 4

 Dr. Kelly Burke

University of Connecticut

"Engineering Liquid Crystalline Networks for Biomaterials Applications"  -  View bio & abstract.

Thursday, March 11

Dr. Ebenezer Miezah Kwofie 

University of Arkansas

"Sustainable Food Systems: Trade-offs of Process, Nutrition, Economics, and Environmental Implications"  - View bio & abstract

Thursday, March 18

 Dr. Sindia Rivera-Jiménez

University of Florida

"Towards Collaborative and Inclusive Learning Environments in Chemical Engineering Education"  - View bio & abstract

Spring Break - March 22-26

Thursday, April 1

 Dr. Mahdi Malmali 

Texas Tech University

"Intensifying Membrane Distillation for Treating Produced Water"  - View bio & abstract.

Thursday, April 8

 Dr. Adrianne Rosales 

University of Texas at Austin

"Engineered Hydrogels for Advanced Cellular Microenvironments"  - View bio & abstract.

Thursday, April 15

 Dr. Teow Yeit Haan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia  "Green Technology in Action: Integrated Zero Waste Solution for Palm Oil Mill Effluent Treatment"  - View bio & abstract

Thursday, April 22

 Dr. Jerome Delhommelle 

University of North Dakota

"Assembly, Cooperativity, and Emergence: From the AI-Guided Formation of Materials to the Onset of Soft Matter Robotics"  - View bio & abstract.

Thursday, April 29

Dr. Sheena Reeves 

Prairie View A&M University

"The Role of Chemical Engineers in the Pharmaceutical Industry"  - View bio & abstract